Different Parenting Styles

Different Parenting Styles

Parenting is an important aspect in a family’s success, and effective parenting involves certain aspects such as; staying calm when your child upsets you, outlining and clarifying your expectations, striving to be a positive role model, role playing corrective behaviors among others. Most psychologists have come up with two main components of parenting style.

Components 0f Parenting Styles


This refers to the combination of the level of independence you’re willing to give your children.

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This refers to how much strict obedience you demand from your kids.

The combination of how much freedom you grant your children and how much obedience you demand from them plays a major role in shaping your parenting style.

On the other hand, there are four different parenting styles such as; Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive and Uninvolved.


Authoritarian parenting approach is a parent-know-best style which emphasizes on obedience. Authoritarian parents are very strict and are controlling.

This parenting style is characterized by parents who are very demanding but are not responsive. This type of parents hardly allows for dialogue with their children and they expect the children to follow all the strict rules they have set.

As a way of demanding obedience, these parents mostly use punishments. Their children have few choices and decisions about their own life since their parents make almost all the decisions. Such parents do not take a challenge lightly especially if it’s coming from their children.

Most researchers believe that children raised by authoritarian parents tend to have lower self-esteem, fearful or shy, difficulty in maintaining social relationships, and lack spontaneity. Therefore, as much as this style, as a parent, may work for you since all your rules are followed, it will, in the long run, affect your children.

It is important to balance out, although the children have to obey you, it would do no harm if you tried creating a healthier relationship with them and by so doing they will get to know why it’s important to follow the rules.

If you are looking to adopt better parenting strategies and maintain open communication, but it has become difficult, you can contact a therapist. You can also get tips on how to build a better relationship with your children from Talking to Toddlers.


This is known to be the most effective and beneficial parenting style. These parents retain authority and control and still maintain a closer and warmer communication with their children. They have high expectations of their children but champion these expectations through understanding and supporting their children. Their children have more freedom of expression.

Authoritative parents strive to balance their desire to be listened to and the desire of their children to be independent. The parents are demanding but responsive.

Children whose parents are authoritative are more likely to develop a sense of independence and will grow to be competent adults. This type of parenting also develops a productive relationship between both the parents and the children.


Permissive parenting is also referred to as indulgent parenting. This is a potential harmful parenting method since the parents tend to be lenient with their children’s’ behavior. The parents are responsive and make few demands.

These parents avoid as much as possible to conflict with their children since they feel it might damage their love for them.  Another reason why some parents adopt this type of parenting is due to confusion. The parents feel they are so detached with their kids and the only way to fill the gap is by becoming pals.

Moreover, other parents use permissive parenting trying to compensate for what they lacked when they were children. For instance, if they grew up in poverty or had strict parents they will tend to give their child both the material privileges and freedom.

The one advantage of this parenting is that the parents are very nurturing and loving. However, there are several disadvantages such as; there are few rules set most of which are not followed and the lack of structure makes the children lack self-control and self-discipline.

It is advisable for persuasive parents to begin setting up boundaries and rules for their children before it’s too late. You can get some of these tips from Talking to Toddlers


An Uninvolved parent demands almost nothing from the children and gives almost nothing. This is the worst parenting style. In situations where uninvolved parenting is involved means that both the parents and the children need help so as to get back to having a healthy relationship with the family.

This parenting can damage the future of the child since they will grow with no trust foundation with their parents and parents who use this style can be assisted by talking to the family doctor or have counseling sections with a therapist.

It is important to remember that the parenting style you choose to use can predict your child’s well-being in various ways such as their social skills and academic performance.  You can get more information on parenting style from a reliable website at Talking to Toddlers.

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