How to Survive the Terrible Twos

How to Survive the Terrible Twos

The terrible twos could be a nightmare due to all the pressure and the frustrations that this period comes with. For first-time moms, it’s even worse since you seem to make all the wrong mistakes all the time.

Having to deal with the terrible twos while still learning to become a mom all at the same time can be so overwhelming. However, it is important to note that at this age your child is trying to develop their independence and will do whatever it takes to get it.

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Before Your Child Reaches this Stage, it Would Be Recommendable to Decide on the Various Ways to Deal With Your Child.

Stay Calm

Your toddler at the age of two has not yet learned the various ways to control his emotions. Thus when he gets a tantrum, it is important to stay calm so you can be able to calm him down.

Scolding and demanding him to shut up will only make things worse. If your child gets to know that he can annoy you by throwing a tantrum, he will keep on pushing your buttons.

Offer Choices

Instead of getting yourself in a situation where you will have to say no to a request, make an effort of giving choices.

Children in this age bracket are trying to explore their independence and love being in control of everything in their life. Thus by giving your child choices, he will feel that he has power over the decision affecting his life.

Don’t Bride or Give In

When your child throws a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store and draws everyone’s attention, do not at any point give in since the child will feel he has the power to manipulate you and whenever he needs something he will always scream and pound on the floor.

As long as he is safe and there is nothing that can hurt him on the floor, let him be. By so doing your child will learn that throwing big fights does not get him what he wants.

Create a Distraction

Children have low attention levels, and you can easily distract them from one activity to another. This means that even when the tantrum has accelerated to the extreme, you can still redirect him.

Just find something he loves doing, and with no time he will all be hyped up with the new activity. You can also sing or start a story. Avoid using candy or things that will encourage the bad habit.


At times it’s advisable to pick your battles, and in some situations, it requires you to ignore the tantrum. Give your child a chance to have his traumatizing moment and let him come up with a way to deal with his emotions. This will train your child to control his emotions.

Time Things Wisely

It is surprising at how toddlers throw tantrums when you busy or at the wrong places. In this case, you should try to time your errands when your child doesn’t need a nap, is feeling hungry or ill.

Before leaving the house, pack some fun thing that your kid will play with. Explain to them where you are going and what you expect of them.

Praise Good Behavior

When you praise your child for doing the right thing or making an effort to accomplishing a certain task, it will motivate them to uphold good behavior. Children thrive on praise thus even on bad days, find something good to say.

Let a Tantrum Be over When It’s Over

After your child has yelled and pounded on the floor, it is likely that they will get up and act like nothing happened. For you, it may be hard to forget the annoying situation and may be forced to punish the child.

This is however not recommendable. Instead, you should talk to your toddler about what happen and ask for an apology after which you should all move on.

Find the Roots of the Cause

Always keep in mind that although it’s normal for a child to have an emotion meltdown at this stage, it important to know the cause of the meltdown.

You should find out if the child is hungry, tired, over stimulated or bored. Having an idea of the cause of the tantrum can go a long way in helping you avoid a similar scenario in the future.

Although the terrible twos are harsh, there is always a way to survive them and in all cases don’t try to fix things while your toddler’s emotions are high. You should also see the tantrum from your toddler’s perspective.

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