Signs of Terrible Twos

Signs of Terrible Twos

When your child gets to the two years age bracket there is usually many transformations in his life both physically and emotionally as well as psychologically. At this age, he is trying to gain independence and feels the urge to make decisions about the things going on in his life.

Your child will also feel that he has the right to hate what you love and love what you hate hence the name “terrible twos.” Children in this age bracket can literally drive you crazy, and the dramatics actions of the kids will make you want to jump out of your skin.

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Although the symptoms of the terrible twos vary from one child to another there are;

 Numerous Signs that Indicate Your Child is Suffering From the Terrible Twos.

Running Away

Your child will run away from you when you ask them to do something for example when you want them to eat. To them, this looks like a game, but it only gets annoying especially when you having a rough day. This may also seem like a disrespective act; however, it is important to keep calm.


Your child will push you away and act like they don’t need your help even in tasks you know they are not capable of. They may be doing this to see how you react when they get on your nerves. It is also a sign that they can make their own decisions.

Temper Tantrum

Your child is bound to developing a raging temper from nowhere which will catch you off guard and often happen in the wrong places where there is a whole crowd that will be judging you in silent. But don’t take it so hard on yourself. Most of the parents have been through this phase.

Throwing Everything

You will have those days when you wake up to find everything in a mess. They will go to your wardrobe and throw all your clothes on the floor. It may also happen when you give them something to eat, and the suddenly realize they don’t want it anymore and throw it to your face.

Testing Boundaries

The will test you to the last bit of your patience and will get to the verge of driving you nuts. They will do that with the aim of seeing how you react when pushed to the extreme. As hard it gets it is important to keep calm or take some time out to cool down.


At this age, their screaming will be loud than the hooting of a train. They will scream back at you or anyone around them and can be humiliating. Don’t be surprised if they scream at your parents acting like spoilt brats when you go to visit them while all along they have been good and obedient while at home.


The child that WAS sweet few months ago will now be someone else with less patience. He wants you to give him whatever he asks for immediately. He is ever on the move you can’t even get to button his shirt anymore. Impatience is accompanied by short temper.

Hitting and Kicking

Ever since he realized that he could use his hands to hit and his legs to kick, no one is ever at peace. Whoever gets in his way he will definitely use his ‘magic power.’ He will harass other kids and even adults. This will also include a red face which is a common side effect of a terrible two temper tantrum.

‘No’ Becomes a New Vocabulary

Due to the varying tempers, your child will acquire a new vocabulary where everything you ask them to do is answered with a no.

Everything Becomes Theirs

You will never own anything in your house anymore. Even your makeup bag is hers, and your lipstick will be her daily breakfast.

No More Cuddles

During this period you will mostly forget if he was the epic cuddler you knew. His disobedience and misbehavior will push you off the cliff.

These are the common signs for a child undergoing the terrible twos. However, there is no need to panic since this signs will come to fade as your child grow, and you will soon get your adorable child back. In the meantime, you can deal with the meltdowns by mostly being calm and maintaining a consistent routine.

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