Toddler Behavior Management

Toddler Behavior Management

Parenting is a challenging but rewarding task. Behavior management, on the other hand, is also not easy. The main reason for implementing behavioral management is to guide your child into doing the right thing and behave in an acceptable manner.

The most recommendable way to guide your child’s behavior is using a positive and constructive approach. This approach requires you to compliment your children when they do the right thing instead of just punishing them when they do something you don’t approve.

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In order to successfully incorporate your child’s behavior management, it is advisable to first understand your child’s behavior. This will help you decide on the best and most effective behavior management that suits the cause of your child’s behavior.

Understanding as the First Step to Child Behavior Management

Whenever faced with a challenging behavior the first and the most important step is usually to identify the cause and the reason for the behavior. If for instance, the behavior changed suddenly, you can check on whether your child is getting enough sleep. If you are not sure of the reason for the abrupt change, you can seek medical advice from a physician.

You can also check if it’s part of the child’s development. For example development of tantrums is a normal behavioral change.  The other factor you can consider is whether there have been recent changes in the family life that might have contributed to the change in the child’s behavior.

There Are Various Ways that You Can Use to Encourage Good Behavior in Children Such As;

Be a Role Model

How you handle things and your own behavior highly contribute to your child’s behavior. Children watch and learn very fast and you should ensure that they obtain positive aspects from the way you talk and handle situations. Avoid using abusive language in the presence of your kids.

Let Your Child Know Your Feelings

By letting your child into your world will open up a great relationship between you and him. Let him know how you feel about his behavior and what you would want him to change or continue to do. This will let him see things from your perspective. In so doing you will also teach him to express his feelings openly

Get down To Your Child’s Level

Whenever you are giving instructions, ensure first to gain your child’s attention. Shouting from upstairs or other rooms do not captivate good behavior. Instead be close to your child and ensure you maintain eye contact.


If you want your child to listen to you, you will also have to listen to them. Whenever your child is trying to tell you something always be interested in listening to them and showing you care. If you ignore them, then you can be sure to be served on the same plate.

Showing interest in your child’s idea makes them gain confidence and creates a great relationship between you two.

Be Consistent

Always ensure to follow through with your promises. If you had promised to reward your children when they did the right thing, then you should not fail to deliver.

On the other hand, if your child breaks the rules you should also follow through with the consequences. This will motivate your child to always be on the right side and to complete assigned chores.

Set Clear Expectations

The set rule should be reasonable and simple. Don use too many words since they may be confusing to the child. Moreover, the rules should be in positive terms and straight forward. The consequences should also be clear outlined and ensure that the child is aware of the consequences.

Make Your Child Feel Important

Children love being in control thus you should give them choices. This will make them feel they have control over what happens in their lives. You can also assign them simple chores which will make them feel important and wanted. Compliment them when they finish a given task.

Prepare for Challenging Situations

Before shifting your child from one activity to another, t is important to let them know that there will be a change. Give them a five-minute warning and tell them why the change is necessary. This will prevent situations where your child will become rebellious.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that the best behavior management strategies that work effectively are based on the amount of effort and time spend in building a positive environment at home. Strive to develop strong family relationships since they highly affect the child’s development.

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